List of 5 Best Fastest Cruiser Motorcycle

Looking for Fastest Cruiser Motorcycle. There are a lot of Fastest Motorcycles in the World Which have a High Speed.

Although determining the accurate  0 – 60 MPH Speed of a motorcycle is too much hard task. It is very difficult to declare a motorcycle winner with the “fastest cruiser”.

In this article, we have listed 5 Fastest Cruiser Motorcycles which have top speed. But the fact is that we have not tested any of the motorcycles personally.

We believe that as we didn’t try any of them so there may be any false information which is collected from other sources.

We have just collected the facts and figures from other sources and tried to give accurate data to you related to these Fastest Motorcycles.

The reason for such various acceleration values is because it’s not an easy thing to collect as accurate as it is.

There are several factors which play roles for reviewers to provide you with a true description of a motorcycle’s original acceleration abilities.

Various test riders have various skills, various bikes could have changed fuel capacities, track temperatures also vary, road and tracks may be different.

Many test riders are skilled and they can speed up the motorcycle faster than a normal rider. So if you have a Motorcycle and You can not Ride it faster as a Professional Can.

So Without Wasting Your Time, We have to Move on the Original Topic I means, List of Cruiser Motorcycles. Let’s Move On.

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List of Top 5 Best Fastest Cruiser Motorcycle

Here is the list of Top 5 Fastest Cruiser Motorcycles of which we have got the accurate data from our sources.

5: Harley Davidson V-Rod

Fastest Cruiser Motorcycle

The Harley-Davidson V-Rod is surely one of the best and fastest cruiser Motorcycles in the Market. It has a 1250cc V-twin engine that produces an outstanding power of 120 horsepower.

It’s not a new thing that the V-rod was created with drag racing in mind. Harley-Davidson’s promotion for the V-rod begins with this tantalizing line: “There’s a quarter-mile of asphalt in its family tree.”

The V-rod has a Fat Rear Tire, the classic drag bars, USD forks, Brembo brakes, and other performance parts which makes it the fastest cruiser motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson V-Rod has a Powerful Engine and great parts which helps it to reach 60 mph in 3.59 seconds and adds it in the list of fast cruisers.

4: Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie

Fastest Cruiser Motorcycle

The facts and figures show that the Harley was Produced to compete the Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie. Gold Wing was produced for High Speed and Power Up the riders.

If you like your bikes supersized, then there’s no suspense that the Honda Gold Wing is the uncontested star of the road. while it’s a true king in size, it’s pretty fast on the road too.

It has a powerful 1832cc engine which produces 104 hp power and 110 Nm torque. The Valkyrie has been tried and tested and it reaches on the speed of 0-60 mph in 3.41 seconds.

3: Triumph Rocket III Roadster

Fastest Cruiser Motorcycle

The Triumph Rocket III Roadster variant is really a big Invention. Triumph has called it “the ultimate muscle streetfighter.”

It has the largest motorcycle engine ever made in history. The Powerful Engine makes this motorcycle more than a cruiser.

It has a 2249cc triple cylinder Powerful Engine Which produces the power of 146 hp and 163 lb-ft of torque. Through this, the motorcycle is able to achieve the speed of 0-60 mph in just 3.3 seconds.

Moreover, this Motorcycle can cover the quarter-mile in 11.48 seconds. This top speed feature helps the motorcycle to be added in the list of the fastest cruisers ever made.

2: Ducati Diavel

Fastest Cruiser Motorcycle

There is no doubt to add this Italian masterpiece in the List of Cruisers. Ducati Diavel is one of the fastest cruisers in the market.

The Issue is that now some traditionalists ignore the Ducati Diavel as a cruiser but it fits in all the requirements of a cruiser.

The Motorcycle comes with a Powerful 1198cc Engine which produces the power of 162 hp and 96.3 Nm torque. It has a classic and sexy. sleek design which makes it comfortable.

Ducati is the Best Motorcycle Brand Which has Produced the Motorcycles over a year. Diavel is also a masterpiece of the Company which is also the fastest Motorcycle.

Ducati has also a limited edition variant, the Diavel Diesel, is probably the fastest cruiser ever produced. This is the Limited Edition So It can not be Counted.

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1: Yamaha VMAX

Fastest Cruiser

Yamaha VMAX is the winner of this list. The motorcycle has a lot of comprehensive reviews posted on many platforms.

VMAX by Yamaha has a fantastic 1679cc engine that gives the rider path to 179 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque.

Yamaha VMAX is the Fastest Cruiser Ever Made by Any Company Because it can reach at the Speed of 60 mph in a whopping 2.50 seconds.

It remained the Winner in the list of cruiser and list now. But Sadly this king of Cruisers is discontinued now.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fastest Cruiser Motorcycle

Q: What is the fastest cruiser motorcycle?

Ans: There are a lot of Fastest Motorcycles But According to the Facts and Figures Yamaha VMAX is the Fastest cruiser motorcycle. It can reach the speed of 60 mph in just 2.50 seconds.

Q: What cruiser motorcycle has the most horsepower?

Ans: The Answer is Yamaha VMAX again. Yamaha VMAX has the horsepower of 179 horsepower which is the greatest power of any cruiser motorcycle

Q: How fast can a cruiser motorcycle go?

Ans: Every Motorcycle has it’s top speed and acceleration. Most of the Cruiser Motorcycles can reach at the Speed of 0 to 60 under 5 seconds. And Yamaha VMAX the fastest Cruiser Motorcycle Can Go in Just 2.5 Seconds.

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