Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle is the Fastest Motorcycle in the World. According to Some people, Dodge Tomahawk is a concept car produced by Dodge Company.

Tomahawk is the only motorcycle which is powered with a Viper V-10 Based engine which produces 500 horsepower.

The Engine of the motorcycle breathes through twin throttle bodies mounted right upfront. Tomahawk has the same number of tyres as a normal car has.

The most powerful Engine and four Tyres makes Tomahawk a Concept Car. The rear wheels of the motorcycle used to drive it.

The Tomahawk is manufactured with the aluminium body. Concept of Tomahawk is an awesome machine which produces a very loud and huge sound.

When the motorcycle started it produces clouds of smoke which get the attention of viewers and surrounding people.

The Dodge Tomahawk could touch 60 miles an hour in about 2.5 seconds and had a special top speed of nearly 420 mph.

Each couple of wheels is separated by some inches and each wheel had an independent suspension. Bernhard announced that four wheels are required to handle the power.

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Dodge Tomahawk Specifications and performance

Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk has a Viper V10 engine which produces 500 Hp @ 5600 rpm Power and peak torque at 712 Nm @ 4200 rpm.

The Motorcycle has 8277 CC 10-cylinder 90-degree V-type, liquid-cooled, 505 cubic inches Engine. Cooling of the Motorcycle handled by dual aluminium radiators which are mounted at the top.

There is also a front-mounted belt-driven turbine fan which also uses to cool the fastest motorcycle in the world.

The Powerful Engine of the motorcycle helps to get the speed of 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. The Top Speed of the Motorcycle is 420 mph.

Facts about Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk concept was introduced a decade ago. The creators of the Motorcycle assumed that the bike would never see the light of the day, but it looks like they were wrong.

Tomahawk has seemed that this is a speed machine which was introduced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Introducing the Tomahawk was a dream of many people who wants to see the motorcycle which has speed like a bullet came true.

As we know Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle is the Fastest Motorcycle in the world but there are only 9 units has been produced for Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycles.

Dodge Tomahawk Top Speed

Tomahawk is the Fastest Motorcycle in the World. According to Some Reports, the Motorcycle has the top speed limited to 320 mph.

But Some Reports shows that Tomahawk has the top speed of 420 mph.

Most of the reports show that 420 mph is Tomahawk’s top speed.

Dodge Tomahawk Price

As we know Tomahawk is the Concept car which has very powerful V-10 Engine with top-end features.

So according to these features, the Company has introduced the Price $550,000 for every unit. So you must have almost a half-million dollars in your hand to buy a Motorcycle for you.

10 Important Facts to Know about Dodge Tomahawk

1. It was produced for four years

The Dodge Tomahawk was manufactured by Dodge including its first concept announced at the North American International Auto Show in 2003. The concept car remained restricted to a total production figure of just 9 units and it was manufactured between 2003 through 2006.

2. The Dodge Tomahawk was not allowed for street use

This incredible sporty and much fast concept car was never placed into complete production for sale to the people. It was not street legal and also no variant of it that followed to regulations for street use was ever made by Dodge.

3. It’s strange if the Tomahawk is a car or a bike

The aesthetics of the Tomahawk were nothing short of breathtaking. The vehicle highlighted a beautiful design that pulled crowds of press reporters. It had the presence of a bike and it has never been fully decided if the vehicle is a car or a bike.

4. There are no announced road tests on the Tomahawk

There was a discussion covering how fast Tomahawk can go. It’s made with a potent 10-cylinder auto engine in an 8.3-litre capacity that produces 500 horsepower. It’s the same engine that is practised in the super-fast Dodge Viper.

5. The Dodge Tomahawk has an incredible design

The idea of the Tomahawk is 1 of the most unique that we’ve observed. It has the look of a bike, yet the engine of a car. Although it seems to have two wheels in front and a couple in the back, they are individually sprung so the vehicle can drift into corners and just like a motorbike, it is able of counter steer.

6. Nieman Marcus sold duplicates of the Tomahawk

Although Dodge only produced nine copies of the Tomahawk concept vehicle, Nieman Marcus sold copies of this bike. They offered them to sale into their record for a huge $555,000 each. It is considered that they sold a whole of nine at that rate.

7. Dodge declared that the highest speed could be up to 420 mph

It isn’t that Dodge is presenting incorrect declarations regarding the Tomahawk, they did a possible judgment of the probabilities. Now that we’ve realised that up to keep the good reputation of the bike producers, they are basing the claim on the power and gearing of the bike.

Dodge predicts that the Tomahawk could attain top speeds of between 300 to 420 miles per hour, but there should bee no announced road tests concerning the Tomahawk.

8. Dodge practised the Tomahawk for a goal

The Tomahawk is an ideal vehicle that appears like something outside of a science invention book with some great abilities. Ineffective application, Dodge explains it a “rolling art” that is not expected to be driven. With a price label of $555,000, it’s with a gallery item and a discovery than a solid vehicle. This renders it to do something to resemble at more than something to ride or travel.

9. The response of the Tomahawk was crucial

When the Tomahawk was launched it became the intention of the fair value of criticism and laughs. The press baked the bike thoroughly and advised that anyone who would try to ride the motorcycle would suit a nominee for a Darwin Award.

10. The Dodge Tomahawk reveals how different vehicle production is from bike manufacturers

Experts in bike construction looked out that the Tomahawk is an extraordinary representation of how far separated auto builders are from bikes. The design of the vehicle spent slight concern for the necessary assumptions of bike architecture.

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