Top 5 Fastest 600cc Motorcycle

There are a lot of Fastest Motorcycle Lovers in the World. Same as the Motorcycle Companies has manufactured the Fastest Motorcycles in different Price tags and for different People. Some of them also have the Fastest 600cc Motorcycle.

The 600cc Engine is slowly disappearing from the market over the past few years. Companies have now started manufacturing mostly Supersports motorcycles instead of 600cc motorcycles.

A 600cc is four valves per cylinder engine with typically with dual cams. Some bikes in the market built under the law and some manufacturers have done some experiments with the Engine.

However, we are talking about Fastest 600cc Motorcycle, so in this list, we will try to limit ourselves to 600cc, which means it can go from 550cc to 650cc, which will work possibly with four cylinders.

We have tried to present the best Fastest 600cc motorcycles as our top picks on which you can ride in 2020.

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List of Top 6 Fastest 600cc Motorcycles in 2020

1: Yamaha YZF-R6

Fastest 600cc Motorcycle

The Yamaha YZF-R6 is the 1st Fastest 600cc Motorcycle in our list. It is because it is the first 600cc bike to produce over 100 HP, and it’s been one of the best selling 600cc motorcycles of all time.

The Reason for adding this motorcycle on the #1 spot is because it is the best motorcycle in its range for more than 21 years in the market. After various evolutions, it is still the best motorbike to retain its productivity.

It is a superbike with almost all features and functions does a standard bike has. It means that this superbike has a plate holder, turning indicators, and mirrors.

This motorcycle has all the features and style that can touch your heart. It is possible that this bike can be considered as a buying option to take a ride on it.

2: Honda CBR600RR

Fastest 600cc Motorcycle

It was a tough decision to choose a top spot winner and runner up of our list. But due to some reasons, CBR600RR got the second spot on our list. In some facts, the Honda CBR600RR is lower than the Yamaha YZF-R6.

The motorcycle has developed by the base on the World Championship Winner Super Bike CBR600F4i-R. This system supported through the chubby nose, a certification that first resembled the F4i.

The new evolution of the CBR600RR comes with a new twin-spar aluminium chassis, Front forks with Big Piston, rear shock, and pure aerodynamics based on the MotoGP winner race bike HRC RC213V.

The Engine of the Motorcycle produces the power of 113 HP and 49 lb-ft of torque which helps the motorcycle to move quickly. It is the only top pick in 600cc category which looks larger than other Supersports because it has a wide tank than its seat.

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3: Kawasaki ZX6R

Fastest 600cc Motorcycle

Kawasaki’s ZX6R is not changed much in 2020. It comes with a few aerodynamic tweaks and a more innovative update of the 2019 split dash. An analogue tachometer and LCD Screen are also included on it.

ZX6R has been recognised as one of the best styling bikes on the street for many years. It has the power of 127 HP which helps the rider to ride smoothly, corners rapidly and provides the acceleration on demand.

The 600cc motorcycle has ABS which helps it to stop quickly even in high speed. ZX6R is the tall rider-friendly motorcycle. It has moderate spaces for the knees of a taller person and the tank allots for supreme knee-to-tank contact for thick cornering.

4: Honda CB650R

Fastest 600cc Motorcycle honda cb650r

We prefer to add CB650R in our list because of it Honda’s streetfighter bike which is Classified by Honda as a “neo-sports cafe racer.

Almost pinching into the list at 649cc’s, the inline-four on the CB650R doesn’t qualify as a Supersports engine, but it still produces 94 HP and 47 lb-ft of torque which helps it to move quickly.

As CB650R is not greatest or the latest in term of power or engine but it is still acceptable because it shows that Honda is sensible in making their bikes with some of its features.

5: Suzuki GSX-R600


The Suzuki GSX-R600 is the favourite bike of many street riders which was last updated in 2017. It is placed on 5th spot on our list as it looks an updated bike in terms of looks and growths. However, it is yet a very reputable member of the 600cc family.

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